Volunteers at the Conservation Centre

Lydia Tappin a long term volunteer in the TCC has recently completed  a Vodafone 'World of Difference' sponsored project in the Conservation Centre. Working on the museums modern anthropology collections she spent a 4 months conserving and reboxing these sensitive specimens. To find out more Lydia's work download http://www.nhm.ac.uk/resources-rx/files/volunteer-newsletter-autumn-2013... and for the Vodafone World of Difference program go to www.vodafone.com/content/index/about/foundation/wod


Submitted by Osvaldo (not verified) on

AFJ. Mandy - I've never heard Bryn's full story of how he came to be with the wild unicorns - maybe that would be a good one for some fan ficiton some time? I've not heard tell that any of the animals in Faerie are immortal - but you never know.I don't think Gabriel was capable of loving anyone at all once he got corrupted and ruined by the Dark Arts - he just used people for his own ends. I'm pretty sure Tania didn't really love him at all - a person can fool themselves into thinking they're in love with someone charismatic and attractive and powerful - and I think she just got swept along by him. But wouldn't it be creepy if she had loved him a bit and if that love was still inside her, sleeping but able to be woken up?

Submitted by Krystyna (not verified) on

AFJ. Aimee - I ususally get up about 7:30 to 8:00 am, feed the cat, open the cotumper and deal with fanmail for about half an hour to an hour. Then I will re-read the last 20 or so pages of the previous day's writing, and then get going on new stuff. I usually work at the cotumper for about 4 hours or so. Then in the afternoon, I will be thinking about what I'm going to write the next morning. I need to write about 2000 words a day, but if I try to write more, it often comes out really bad - and that means I have to rewrite it the next day. I do this six days a week.

Submitted by Open (not verified) on

AFJ. Aimee - do you mean Edric and the Dark Arts? Well, the jury is still out on what happens there!Daniela - I don't know what Drake might have done if he was good - he might have loved Tania if she hadn't vaehisnd, and for sure his father would have liked the idea of him marrying into the Royal Family. I don't very often base characters on real people - but I will use characteristics of real people in the way they behave.

Submitted by Sandaruwan (not verified) on

AFJ. Oh, way to go with the tricky qouetisns, there, Daniela! Why does love never die in Faerie? I guess I based it on the concept that swans mate for life (and some other animals, too). It's really the idea that true love is such a huge thing that it burns away inside forever. It can occasionally be a bit like that in the Mortal World (like, I'm still crazy in love with my wife Claudia after 20 years!!!) and I thought it should be even stronger in Faerie.

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