What's behind these doors?

Hello and welcome to the new blog for the Conservation Centre here at the Natural History Museum in London.

I plan to use this section to give visitors to the website an insight into what's going on in the lab, covering both of the key areas that we're engaged in- conservation and preparation.

So stay tuned to find out about some of the fascinating work we're involved in down here in the basement of the palaeontology department.....


Submitted by Masoom (not verified) on

I'm a bit disappointed in the site you refer ppeole to. Adding socialized widgets is all well and good, but how do I integrate it and its user authentication with existing members-only functions on a site?I'm not asking you, I'm just saying that it's impossible to go to a help/faq section there. Maybe it exists after you "set up a site", but some of us would prefer to read some documentation before we start providing URLs and uploading code to our servers.

Submitted by Danny (not verified) on

Just plugged it into our Transformers (toy) coicnltleg site (unicron.com). I can see this being super helpful and fun for our site. Now that we have it, I'm interested in seeing where it's progressing, and what new gadgets are coming. Is there a "friend connect" blog or anything we can subscribe to?(I'd love to get on that testing list, too... ;)

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