Science Uncovered- Friday the 27th of September

This Friday is Science Uncovered, the once-a-year special event where the Natural History Museum goes all out to give our visitors a really special night. This year will be the biggest so far with over 400 scientists taking part! There’ll be all sorts of talks, tours, shows and cocktails to enjoy, starting from 4 PM and finishing at midnight.

Most importantly though, it’s a very rare opportunity for the public so come and visit us down in the Conservation Centre! Visitors will be able to see a variety of specimens we’re working on and talk to us about the breadth of our work, from moulding and casting, environmental monitoring, taxidermy, specimen conservation and fossil preparation. Various bones from the Niger sauropod, as featured on this blog (and Blue Peter), will be on display.

There will be 5 tours of the Centre running throughout the evening. Tickets are free and can be picked up on the day from the Picnic Area on a first come, first served basis. In previous years these tours have proved to be very popular so get in quick! Not to worry if you miss out though, as there will be all sorts of amazing things to see and do elsewhere in the museum…..

For a full list of what’s happening on the night, including tour times, visit:

Kieran Miles is looking forward to talking about fossil preparation with you during Science Uncovered.


Submitted by Dhanabal (not verified) on

Hi Hilton Primary,It looks like you enjoyed going down to sctnalod on the train. In the 6 weeks holidays I am going to sctnalod with my family. I love it. I bet the pizza hut buffet was delious I love pizza. So I bet it was tragic when the train stopped you going back home and you had to go back on a coach. I bet you had a good time. Hannah at High Lawn

Submitted by Vernandes (not verified) on

Hello Hilton Primary School,it sounds like you had a bralilint time on your trip to Edinburgh! I bet I would have loved it if our class went there. I like you hats Jason and Kieran, I think they are really good. Also, about taking 3 hours to get home on the coach because of the weather. I would have been really anoyyed if it was me, because I don't like traveling on long journeies.I hope you had a wonderful time at Edinburgh!From Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

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