Revision of 2.1 Relative Humidity and Temperature Parameters from Thu, 2014-09-25 18:58

The parameters for relative humidity (%) and Temperature ⁰C for collections are based on their stability parameters of specimens and the current condition of objects due to their current storage environment. The minimum fluctuation levels will apply to all the above standards with some seasonal drift. The museum should focus on passive management alongside active room and building control. 

A maximum permissible cumulative range of 8% (total change) per day and a maximum Peak Range of 2.5% day in the open space of a store will be taken as the maximum fluctuation in relative humidity.

RH Set points of 42% in the winter and 47% in the summer for environmental conditions
RH set point for Gold standard for relative humidity in a storage area should be 45%

It is expected that the standard RH sensor would have an accuracy of +/- 5%. In zones of high humidity risk, sensors (e.g. Rotronic, Vaisalla) with an accuracy of +/- 2% will be used. 


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